Help needed with variable triggers and layers

Apr 08, 2014

Hello group,

I'm new to Storyline and really enjoying it . . . but I need a little help.  I'm building a drag and drop menu with 6 buttons and have tried every thing I know to create a mouse-over trigger coupled with a drag and drop trigger.  Where I'm having trouble is once moused-over and dragged, the button retains the mouse-over trigger command and my main layer content if I mouse-over the button once it's been dropped. 

Once a button has been dragged and dropped and a new layer has opened, I need to have the mouse-over trigger for each button deactivated.  I know it's probably a "variable" but I cannot find the right combination.  Any help out there for "double trigger" designers?

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Val Jon Farris

Thanks to both of you!  Here is a published version of the test.  I tried "restore on mouse leave" but it did not do the trick. 

The key issue is that after a button is dropped ("factor 1" in this case) and the layer appears with the button in the drop zone, all is well until I happen to mouse-over the dropped button prior to playing the video.  If I do, the hover trigger assigned to the button activates and the layer changes.  I suspect a variable is required but I just can't seem to discover it.  Here's the link.  (and I only have sequences for the first button, which should be enough to see the challenge here.)  THANKS!

Neil Stadlman

I have interest in the same issue.   I am working from the Video Drag and Drap Storyline template in the downloads and just can't seem to trigger the Done state (button shows with a checkmark) after a video has played.   I am using a value variable and the variable changes based on my logic, but it does not cause the button to change to a "Done" state.on the main slide.

Appreciate the collaboration on this.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Val,

I hope it's this easy - but I may be missing something at the end of a long Thursday, so if I am - let me know.

To disable your hover trigger once the user has dropped it onto the drop area I added a condition to the hover trigger that it should only work, if the state of your button is equal to normal. Once I did that - it seemed to work as expected in that I no longer saw the hover state and could play the video. 

Neil Stadlman

I've attached my base storyline file.  I modified the Drag and Drop Video template from the library, but was having the same issue in terms of marking my lessons show complete.   Turned out to be a combination of things, but primarily it was unchecking the box for "restore on mouse leave". 

Ashley's suggestion on the 'hover button' state also opened some other ideas.   The module now allows the user to view a previously completed lesson without interrupting the button states and also a subtle message that this lesson has been completed.

Thanks for the collaboration.

Val Jon Farris

Hello Ashley,

I have another menu challenge to ask you about. Can you help me understand how to have a menu item that has layers, (say "item 1") when "re-visited" will return the user to item 1's main page rather than to its layer? I'm sure it's an easy one but I still don't have variable down pat!  *lol*  I tried uploading the test file 3 times and with 2 browsers and could not complete it on the forum site.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Val,

The file may be too large to upload here - I believe the limit is 20 mb. I haven't heard of an issue with uploading in the forums from other users, so I'd check into that first. If it's over 20 mb, and you'd still like to share here you may want to look at stripping out some non-essential elements and just share the menu slide with the layers so that we can get a sense of what you're trying to set up. 

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