Changing States of Objects when 'hovering'

Oct 22, 2014

Hello Storyline Community!

I wonder if someone could enlighten me a little!? I am creating a slide in storyline that contains a rounder shape with some text and over this is another shape using a picture as its fill properties. For this shape, I have edited the hover state to 'no fill' so that when the learner hovers over it, the picture disappears to reveal the text in the shape underneath. Once the learner moves their mouse away, I want the object to return to its normal state to show the picture once again covering the text.

This works when I initially create the states and run a preview but upon return to the preview, the two objects are constantly flickering at very high speed!

As an alternative, I dismissed the editing states idea and decided to put in a trigger for the picture image to become hidden when the mouse is hovered over it. The problem with this is that the picture does not then come back again once the mouse has moved away, even thought the option to 'restore when mouse moves' option is ticked in the dialogue box!

Has anyone seen and overcome the states problem with this, or can I create a trigger to re-reveal the picture?


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