changing states on cascading buttons jumping to different slides

Oct 22, 2013

Can anyone tell me an easy way to set triggers on buttons that you want the user to click on to visit another slide or set of slides then return to the control button slide ? They should only be able to visit the path once and the button should disable visited and the other buttons should not be able to be clicked/activated until the previous button has been visited.  I am having trouble with this as the button trigger sets itself to "visited" even if it wont go to the slide it is directed to because a condition of the trigger has not been met... any help on this is greatly appreciated. 

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Michael Hinze

Have a look at the attached file and see if that helps you gets started. I set up three sections and a main menu. The Main Menu buttons for section 2 and3 start out as disabled. As section 1 is completed, the section 2 menu button is enabled and so forth. At the end of each section, I set a variable that signifies completion of that section. Back at the Main Menu, I set a custom 'complete' state for each button, based on that variable. Also, the jump to slide xyz trigger on each menu button only works if the 'complete' variable for that section is not set, that way users can't go back to a section. There are lots of variations on this concept, but I hope that gives you some ideas.

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