changing Storyline player colors

Mar 13, 2013

I'm looking at ways to customize the Storyline player.  I found this helpful reference:

I really want to make my title a different color than the tab links (Resources & Course Survey), but it looks like they have to be the same color as the title?  The problem is we want them left aligned under the title instead of right aligned, but some folks aren't noticing they are something they should click on.  We thought a different color might help.

Are there other options to modify these links to make them stand out, other than just color?

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Heather, there are no options to modify the way the title displays in the player. If you want the title to stand out more the only thing I can suggest is that you remove it from the player and then add the title as text directly to your slide  master. It won't sit above your tabs but at least this way you can format it to look however you want. 

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