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Nov 18, 2016

Hello group,

I have made the transition from ToolBook to Storyline and while the learning curve has been a lot less steep than I thought it would be, there are still a few things I am really struggling with.  The client wants the tabs in the "progress bar" at the bottom of the attached screen shot to change color after the learner finishes the section.  The values need to be carried over to the LMS (I use Captivate Prime for testing and demos) and brought back in when the user resumes or restarts the lesson.  Would I do this with user variables?  Please advise because I am truly stuck.


Peter Burn



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Peter!

Welcome to using Storyline - I hope you love it. :)

It sounds like you're on the right track! You'll also want to confirm that you've set up the "Resume" functionality to always resume so that the user is brought back to where they left off. You'll also want to have the slides set to "resume saved state" which is a slide property setting. And if you're just getting started with variables, I find the tutorial here super helpful.

If you get stuck, post a copy of your .story file here and the community is also pretty stellar at taking a look! 

Peter Burn

Hello Ashley,

I think what I need to do is replicate the PPT "tabs", each with a unique name, then group them so they can be put on different PPT BGs I bought into Storyline 360, right?

I have never actually used Power Point, it was not a job requirement when I worked for Exxon. I switched to Storyline because I have to carry over the original slide animations and it would take forever to recreate them in ToolBook and past experience with PPT to ToolBook conversions is the process is painfully time consuming.

Thanks for the help, the eLearning Heroes group is superior for tech support.

Now that I have started using Storyline I wish I'd made the change years ago. I may stop using Captivate too.


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Leslie McKerchie

Glad to hear that you're enjoying it Peter. Sounds like you are on the right track as well, but feel free to share your .story file if you need us to take a peek at anything when you need assistance :) It's hard to envision what you mean by 'replicating tabs to group so you can put them on different PPT backgrounds'?!

Based on your initial image, you could certainly accomplish what you mentioned with variables, states, and triggers.

Peter Burn

"if you need us to take a peek at anything when you need assistance..."

-- Great.  The attached Story is not working.  The intent is the user clicks a button and goes to the destination page.  When the user clicks the return to menu button a variable is set to true.  onEnterPage menu the changed variable is supposed to set the button to a custom state I created: "completed".  Well, it doesn't and I am stuck because I need this behavior in the course I am building, due end of this week.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Peter!

Thanks for sharing your file and allowing us to take a look. It appears that you just needed to adjust your trigger to be when the timeline starts and the variable = true for this to work. When you are on a different slide, the variable changing will not trigger the state change on another slide.

Your updated file attached.

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