Storyline Pretest to determine which sections to complete

Hi there,

I haven't been working with Storyline very long, so I am not even sure if what I am asking is possible.

I'd like to create a course that has a pretest, and depending on which questions they got correct/incorrect, they will be required to do certain modules. For example, the pretest would have 30 questions - 10 questions for each of the 3 modules. They pass the section A questions, but fail the section B and C questions. They would now be directed to a menu page where section A is grayed out (state change), but B and C are highlighted. At the end of section B and section C they would need to do a post-test. The user would need to be able to print a copy of their results for both the pre and post test (our LMS isn't up and running yet).

I understand how to set up variables to do state changes when a button is hit or page is reached, but I am having a hard time figuring this out. I am assuming I would need to put in 3 results pages in with the pretest - I just want it to look like 1 test as much as possible.


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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Lisa!

Brian put up a lot of information over in this post that I think you may find useful. You can certainly do what you'd like to accomplish in Storyline. It's really just a matter of setting up the "end" page for either the correct or incorrect response and sending the learner to a different slide or scene, depending on how they scored/answered. 

To answer your other question, yes, you will also be able to add a Print Results button to your results slides. If you need help finding the options for this, just let me know.

Again, welcome to the community! We have some awesomely talented community members here. If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask. You may also want to browse around the forums as you progress, as there's some excellent information and suggestions that may your learning experience with Storyline even better!


Lisa Karpuk

John Papiernik said:

I would have to test it, but it sounds like you could use variables for each section. Have each variable increase for every right answer in each section. Then at the end it could tell you which modules need to be covered.

I may have to test that, as that may come in handy at some point.

How would I go about setting up the variable to count the correct answers? I can see that working well (if it can be done of course).

I may have figured out a possible solution using the % Results.ScorePercent % variable that is created when you add a results slide. I added a trigger that if % Results.ScorePercent % is less than the pass mark, the button will change. It looks like I will need to have multiple result slides for each of the question groups.

If I am just covering one topic in the pre-test then it would make sense just to use branching.

Patricia Turner

I was wondering if you had been successful with this. I'm looking at a large course with five modules (plus some other sections). Ideally, the user would take a pre-test and if they scored high enough on a section, they would test out of the corresponding module.

To do this, would I need to have five different tests in my pre-test, and then write a variable for each?