Articulate 360: Can this be done? An optional pretest to by pass sections, with any 'failed' section test requiring completion of content and retesting?

Oct 27, 2017

I am interested in providing students in say, a 3 section course the ability to:

1. Pretest and complete (all) the course if they attain 100% from questions drawn from say three, section question banks

2. If in the pre-test, they 'fail' a section (<100% of that sections questions), then they must complete only (and all) that sections content, and finally

3. Only sit a post-test for that section.  If they get 100% for that section, then the complete course is completed 

Is this possible?

Notes: I also will provide an option to 'do' all the course and then sit the post test.

Attached is a flow diagram...


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Brett Rockwood

Yes, this is possible. First ask if they want to test out or go through the course. Set triggers to go the appropriate route.

If the select test out you need question banks for each section with variables; one variable is counting the number of questions the learner got correct, and another uses that number to determine if the user passed the section or not. I called the variables Section_1 and Section_1_Complete; Section_2 and Section_2_Complete, etc. (So Section_1 is a number variable to count the correct answers and Section_1_Complete is a T/F variable to show whether they passed that section or not.)

Then you need a menu-type slide that reads the T/F variables for each section. I set states on rectangles that showed "Complete" if they passed the section or "Review Required" if they didn't. Then put triggers on failed state to jump to the scene that contains the remedial material including a post test for that section that you can have the user take as many times as necessary. I put triggers to at the end of each remedial section to change the T/F variable for the section to T when they click the Next button. The Next button at the end of each remedial section returns them to the menu slide where they click on any remaining "Review Required" sections.

Once all of the Review Required sections are complete you can show a Continue button that takes the user to the closing material.

There's a little more to it than that but this maybe gives you some idea.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Lauren!

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We released more tracking and quizzing options in Storyline 360 that might help you build what you're looking for. Here's more information about those features. 

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