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Patrick Mash

Hi Emiliy,

thanks but I have read that article before. I can only change the formating of the text. I would like to change the text itself.

Instead of "click here to add text" I would love to have a placeholder textbox with the text "Here you can insert the agenda of todays training".


Thanks a lot in advance


Diana Gualda

I have been trying to do the same thing as either Denise or Paddy, but in Player Properties > Text Labels (from the instructions you linked to), the "Click to add text" text is not on any of the available options.

Which item under Buttons/Messages is the one whose Custom Text I need to change?

Also, these options seem to be for customizing what displays in the Player to the end user. I am only concerned with what shows to the course developer, in Slide View, using a Slide Master layout I am creating. Thanks for your help!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Diana,

This forum discussion with Denise was referring to the text placeholders that a user would see when they are accessing a data or text entry field. It sounds like you're looking to change the text placeholder that an author/developer would see when you've added a text placeholder onto a master slide. That text isn't something that can be modified, as it's directions to the course author as to what to do within that placeholder. 

Denise Landgraf

Put the instructions outside input field. Format input field text however you want. Or, I created a new state on text box with instructions. Then created a new trigger that changes the state of the text box to new state when click on input field. The new state positions the text box up and away from input field. Another advantage is that the instructions are always visible, even when typing input. See example attached.

Hannah Vanderpool

I am making a course on teaching someone how to use an app on a phone. I need to be able to customize the text field place holder to a multiple of different "sayings" for different slides. Ex: Profile Name, Password, Email, Schedule Name, User Name. When I got to Player options to change the text field it changes it on all my text fields throughout my course to that one option . Is there a way to customize it on every text field what it should say before a user clicks in to type?


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Hannah,

Are you using Data Entry fields or a quiz question? You should be able to enter what you'd like in each of these fields individually.

I attached a sample file for you to take a look at.

Please let me know if I've misunderstood and feel free to share a sample .story file of what you're referring to.