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Kevin Kinyon

Has anyone come up with any kind of workaround with variables, etc. to accomplish this?  I'm building out a module that is primarily functioning as a video player, with some annotations and links popping up from time to time, and I'd really like to give the viewers the option to hide/show the menu sidebar at will.  Of course, I know there are ways I could hide the sidebar permanently and include the outline and notes in a separate layer or lightbox or something, but I'd really like the viewer to be able to see the full screen video and the notes/TOC at the same time if they want, but hide them if desired. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Richard!

If you enable any of the four built-in Storyline tabs (Menu, Resources, Glossary, or Notes), by default these will appear for all slides in your course. But if you want to show some of these tabs only when learners are viewing certain slides that's okay—you can do that. To learn how, check out the Slide Properties tutorial.