Changing the Slide Master with a variable and/or trigger

May 08, 2018


Is there any way to choose a different slide master when a variable is altered.  Basically I have a custom menu in the slide master, however the course branches out in two different paths and I don't want the user to see the slides for the path that they are not on.  

Any help is appreciated,


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Walt Hamilton

Do you mean the slides they are viewing are the same, but the courses differ in which slides are on the menu?

If so, you could create two menus on the master and use a variable to show the appropriate one.

If what you want is something different, Veronica is correct; it would really help to share a file, or at least a couple of slides from it.

David Anderson

You can use custom states for background objects on the slide masters that can be changed based on variables. Here's a simple example I use in my variables workshops:

If that's close to what you're trying to do, let me know and I'll send you the files.

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