Changing the state of individual words in a text box

Jul 04, 2013


Is it possible to change the states of individual words within a text box?

I have a paragraph of text with two words that have hotspots on them, when the hotspots are selected a new slide is triggered, and then the user is returned to the first slide to select the next hotspot.

What I'd like to do is once the hotspot is triggered and the user returns to the slide the text has greyed out indicting that it has been selected.

I initially edited the state so that the words changed colour when the hotspots were triggered but this didn't work, I've also tried using a variable to change the state but again I couldn't get this to work.

Any ideas would be appreciated.



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Harri S

Hi Phil,

When you edited the states when the hotspots were clicked on did you ensure that the 'jump to slide' trigger associated with the hotspot was a far towards the bottom of the trigger panel as possible. Storyline reads triggers from top to bottom so if the 'jump to' was above the 'state change' then the slide would have jumped before the state had the opportunity to change.

Hope this helps,


Harri S

Hi Phil,

I think I've got it working for you. (fingers crossed)

I added a few more triggers to ensure that you could click either of the words first and still end up with both dimmed out after you'd clicked the second.

Also in slide settings (bottom right cog wheel) I changed it from 'automatically decide' to 'resume saved state' and that seems to have done the trick.

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