Restore on mouse leave issue

Nov 22, 2017


I have a couple of hotspots I'm using to change the state of textbox when the user hovers over them (hovering over each hotspot triggers a different state on the same textbox object). 

That all works well enough, but the issue I'm having is with the "restore on mouse leave" aspect - rather than restoring the textbox to its original state ("normal") when the mouse leaves a hotspot, it seems the "hover" states are being triggered again instead.

Has anyone else noticed this behaviour and have they come up with a solution or work around? Thanks!

PS: I'm not working with Storyline's default hover state. I simply created two new states which are triggered using the "when move hovers over" trigger.

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Greg Hagar

Hi Veronica, something very strange happened. I created a third state on the textbox that I was using to to troubleshoot and test the issue I was describing. Satisfied I was able to reproduce the issue with the new state, I deleted that state and its associated trigger and then suddenly everything went back to normal with the original states and they are working fine again!!

I have no idea how simply adding and removing a third state would change anything about the behaviour of the other two, but it's working now so I won't complain! If this issue comes up again I'll definitely share the file though.

Of course, the strange behaviour disappears after I report it,  which seems to be happening to me a lot lately.  Maybe I'm losing the plot, or maybe I'll have to start imposing a 24-hour rule on myself before post another "issue". :)


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