Restore on Mouse Leave - Storyline 2 v12

Aug 18, 2017


I have been running into an issue with storyline 2 button states that I can not figure out and was hoping someone could please help.

I'm developing several buttons the user will navigate the project, each button will have the following:

  •  Normal
  • Hover
  • Selected

The buttons are a .png image icon I created and then a storyline oval shape. The states basically are simple...the oval changes color behind the .png image. I have all three states built and then a hotspot is drawn over the button to attach the trigger to the button item. My trigger is as follows:

Action: Change state of

On Object: my button (Preset)

To State: Hover

When: Mouse hovered over

Object: my hotspot target area (Preset_Hotspot)

Restore on mouse leave is checked

The problem I'm running into is when the user rolls over the button the image color changes but when they mouse back off the oval changes color but then the .png image disappears. The restore on mouse leave does not seem to work with the images just the storyline shapes.

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Dave Helton


Thank you so much for the reply. I'm a newbie to storyline so the help is very much appreciated it. So when building buttons/states hot spots and triggers are not needed as they are built into the states. I was directed that you had to have a hotspot and trigger to do the rollovers. I am corrected and now see what you have done. Works I do add a trigger to the state when the user clicks to direct them to the next section.


Thanks again

Dave Helton


Thanks again for the help. I have managed to take what you explained to me and move forward with this e-learning project. I do have another question off topic from the posted one but still on the same slide. Attached I have a screen grab of my timeline. I'm able to rename the layers but the Oval shape name I can't seem to edit. This gets really confusing when trying to link up things. Is it possible to change the oval name to something more meaningful like I have down the right-hand side? This e-learning and storyline are new to me but I do come from a 3d animation and interactive design background so I think if I can just learn the ins and outs of storyline I will be able to pick this up quickly. Thanks again for any help.

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