Hover state getting stuck

Mar 02, 2016

I have several hover states that change colors.  However, when the mouse moves off the object, the color stays on the "hover" color even though "restore on mouse leave" box is checked.  Any thoughts? 

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Kim Bennet

I inherited the file from a coworker and I'm not as savvy as she was in storyline.  I'm not sure if she used buttons or not.  I didn't explain very well the first time.  The trigger is for when you hover over  one object, I also want the hover state of another object to display.  I'd have to get permission to upload the file and it may have proprietary info in it.


Kim Bennet

Yes, that's what I'm trying to do.  However, I have multiple objects (dates running vertically down the left side) and when you hover over them, they as well as different objects on the screen go to hover state.  However, the different objects are getting stuck sometimes on their hover state when the mouse moves off one date and onto another date resulting in multiple objects being in "hover" state at the same time.

Mike E

I had a similar problem and just found a solution. If anything, maybe this post will help designers in the future.

I had an interaction where learners hovered over an object and a feedback box appeared. I wanted it to disappear when they left the object, but for some reason it would stay. The "restore on mouse leave" toggle was selected.

My solution was to create a shape that covered the entire screen. I set it to 99% opacity and positioned it on the timeline below my objects. Then I created a trigger to set the feedback box to normal when the mouse hovers over that background shape.

The objects are above the background shape, so when learners hover over them they still get the feedback. But as soon as the learner moves off of the object, they're hovering on the background shape and thus the feedback box is turned off.

Hope this helps someone out there!

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