Hotspot rollover issue

Jul 31, 2018


I am trying to figure this out and tried using States and also layers.

I have 6 invisible hotspots on the screen, when the user rolls over a hotspot a text box appears. This works. But when I roll over the next hotspot the first text box disappears and the second text box appears.

I have tried putting each text box on its own layer that shows the layer when the user rolls over the hotspot.

The end result I want is that all 6 text boxes are showing if the user rolls over all 6 hotspots. Using different states instead did not work at all.

Any suggestions?

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Michael Hinze

Good to hear that it now works. If textboxes are the only elements on the various layers, it may be worthwhile to explore the first suggestion: having the textboxes on the baselayer with an initial state of Hidden. Then add hover triggers that change the state of the associated textbox to Normal and uncheck the 'Restore' option.

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