Changing the state of multiple buttons at once

Hi everyone,

I'm relatively new here and i need your help! I'm creating a course and after finishing it the client asked for a colour change. It means I have to change the states of all my buttons on the slides - is there any way of selecting multiple buttons and then changing their states - e.g the colour when hovering over it, all at once? I seem to be able to change the colour normally obviously by selcting all but then the states options disappears and asks me to select just one? Any ideas?

Thanks Joe

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Joe,

If you edit the first button on your first slide to get it and its associated states as you want them, if you then double-click on the Format Painter, you can click on all of the other buttons on that slide to reformat them to your new colour scheme.

By double-clicking on the Format Painter, it will remain active until you press the Esc key and so you can continue to use it by simply selecting the next slide you wish to edit and then carrying on clicking on the buttons. Once all of your buttons have been re-formatted, just press the Esc key to cancel the Format Painter.