Changing the state of the "next" button back to normal not working after icons are visited

May 11, 2022


I have several groups of activities and they all have the same issue. On the base layer of each activity, I have 4 to 6 icons. Each icon has 3 states (normal, disabled, and selected) The icons all start out in the disabled state and change to normal when the narration completes--that works fine. The learner clicks on each icon, one at a time which takes them to a different layer. Each layer has a back button which brings them back to the base layer so they can click on the next icon. I have the "next" button set to "hidden" when the timeline starts on the slide so they can't skip the activity. The problem is that I have a trigger to "change the state of the next button to normal when the state of all the icons is visited." I do have each layer set to "return to saved state." Everything works properly except that the "next" button will not turn back to normal once all the icons have been visited (they are all showing up in their visited state). I know triggers can be tricky, but I have no idea how to fix this. Any suggestions?

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Elizabeth Pawlicki

Hi Pamela! It's hard to know without seeing your file what's going on, so if you'd like to share it here I'd be more than happy to take a look.

Just a hunch here that it's possibly happening because you're using icons to trigger the layers. Generally when you use an icon, it's a series of freeform shapes and it's those freeform items that have different states, not the entire icon. You can expand the icon on the timeline to see if it has multiple components like I've done in this screenshot. Try replacing your icons with buttons to see if that fixes it, or adjust your trigger on the next button to change to normal when the state of whatever freeform part of the icon has a visited state is visited! I know that is tricky so if you share your file, I can take a peek and test a few things!

Pamela Reese

Thanks Elizabeth. I'm aware that icons tend to be made up of multiple shapes--although I try to use single form icons because of this. For some reason, the first icon visited wasn't remaining in the 'visited" state which was causing my next button to remain hidden. I did a work around by having the 1st icon start out in the normal state instead of disabled, and for whatever reason, this fixed the issue. Thank you for your response.