Disabled Next button will not become Active after conditions have been met.

Jul 05, 2017

Hi all,

I have a course where there's a main slide acting as a menu or sorts. The next button is disabled until the learner visits 4 other paths that are branched off of the main slides.

The 4 other paths are accessed through linked icons on the menu slide. I have a normal and visited state for each one of these icons.

On the menu page, I have the following triggers on the next the button:

a. Change the state of Next button to DISABLED when timeline starts.

b. Change the stated of Next button to NORMAL when the STATE on ALL OF

Path 1 icon, Path 2 icon, Path 3 icon and Path 4 icon are VISITED.

I have also added a trigger to change each path icon to VISITED when the user click the appropriate path icon.

Problem: The Next button changes to the normal state in single slide preview, after clicking all the icons,  on the menu slide. However, when I preview and/or publish the entire file, the Next button remains disabled.

Any suggestions on how to fix this? I really need to use the branching as opposed to layers because their are several slides down each 'path'.


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Felecia  Reedus

I figured it out. The help documents should really make the distinction that based on the type of interaction (multi-slide vs multi-layer) you have to use different processes to disable the next button. While my process was logical, it was only appropriate for a multi-layer slide. If you looking at multiple slides i.e. my paths, you have to use the Slide Complete variable. https://articulate.com/support/article/how-to-disable-the-next-button-until-users-finish-interacting-with-a-slide 

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