changing trigger defaults when recording screen

Jun 13, 2012

I figured out the colors and fonts for all slides.. however, when recording the screen;

-How can I change the trigger defaults?

-Or how can I change a particular trigger on all slides in the step-by-step recording?

For example:

1. I record an application with a lot of clicks, for each click a a hint layer is automatically created (great by the way) but the default  sets the hint layer to be displayed when "mouse hover over" the hotspot, I would like to change that for ALL slides to be show  hint layer "when timeline starts".

2. In addition I would like to change the hint (in the hint layer) to be displayed by default "always" in the timeline. (Currently it is displayed only 3 seconds and I have to change that on all slides).

Please tell me there is a simple way to do this

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