Changing Variables in Storyline 2 Using Flash


The title kind of says it all, we found some code showing how to do it in Storyline 1, but it doesn't work in Storyline 2. We couldn't find anything about Storyline 2 specifically, any ideas?

On a basic level, we want to be able to have a button in flash change the variable in Storyline which would trigger an action.



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Matthew Bibby

Passing variables from JavaScript to Storyline is documented in the Best Practices article Ashley linked to above.

How are you using Flash? Are you talking about passing this message from output that you have created with Adobe Flash? If so, this article may be of interest as it shows how 'you can use a method called within Flash to execute a JavaScript function.'

Or if you are referring to Storyline's Flash output, then everything you need to know is in the Best Practices document linked above.

Steve Gannon

Hi Jake,

A few years ago, James Kingsley wrote a blog article describing how to do this:

The code I developed based on James' article still works for me in Storyline 2 even though I originally wrote it using Storyline 1.