I've had a number of clients over the past 3-5 years who like to have 3D figures (I've heard them called bubble people or clipart people as well).

What does the community think of a character set of those in addition to the photographic and illustrated characters already offered by Articulate?

I know some of the image sites offer them in vector background as well as enabling you to change the color on them for matching in on any specific theme.

I couldn't find anything in the discussions about this, but would love to hear thoughts and feedback, or if anyone is aware of a good & ready resource to find these types of charachters.

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Brian Allen

Hello Allain, the style guide at my company requires us to use photography with people in natural-looking poses, so we wouldn't be able to use figures like these in any of our materials.

I'm sure that you can find sets of images with these types of characters with a little bit of searching, and my guess is that they would be low cost or free with this character style being quite old, possibly a little out of date for some.

Allain McCallum

I apologize Brian, I wasn't really clear where I was going on the thought.

I agree, they are not my first go to, but being an independent contractor and having worked with dozens of clients, I don't always get to make the call. I'm less interested in judging whether or not the client is making a relevant or out of date choice than I am in being able to access the content to meet my clients needs in one place...a la Articulate 360. Articulate already offers photographs and illustrated charachters. It might offer an alternative to go with one more set of illustrated type of charachter.

I can already find them. the point was to be able to access them from within the single content location.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Allain,

We don't see a lot of requests for characters such as that image shown - more often we see requests for characters of a different ethnicity, different clothes, non-gender specific, age ranges, etc. We'll continue to add those type of characters to the Content Library within Articulate 360 but I'd wonder how many would want similar to you? Mind submitting a feature request for that so that we can start tracking it?