Character Shows from Base Layer to Layer

Jan 27, 2022

There is an issue (old one) of characters on the base layer showing through to a layer even when the images are turned off for the based layer. 

The issue seems to be if I have the expression change with mouse over then that character stills show through to the layer. The character Jamal should change character but does not and he shows through the layer.

See attached slide. 

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Richard Watson


Interesting. It appears to be connected to the "restore previous state when the user hovers out"  setting of the trigger. If you turn that off, it seems to work as expected. Might be worth reporting to Support.

A quick fix in the meantime would be to place a white rectangle at the bottom of each layer.



Jeffrey Riley

Thank you Richard and Maria for the help. In working on this, there may have been an error in the file itself. I was having other problems with the same slide in my project. It will be interesting to see if this is something that can be solved or is a one time problem.

Once in a while the best solution is to delete a slide and start over.

Jeffrey Riley

Richard you are exactly right. I have had many times when an object would not work and I just had to delete it and try again. From what I know, the problems can be that the code was stored on a bad disk sector and the code just did not take. Anyway, thanks for you help and I appreciate Maria and others looking into it.

Odd thing was I had an issue on another slide with the crop not working. I could click the crop icon, but it would not show the black bars on the handles. I just deleted the slide and started over and that worked.