Objects from base layer showing when layer is marked to hide

May 20, 2014

Been trying to fix this on my own for a while with no luck.  In my lesson I have a slide with a single layer (slide base + layer).  On the layer, I've checked the box to hide objects on base layer.  This works fine when initially coming to the slide.  I click the button, the layer shows, and the objects on the base don't show.  However, on the layer there are links that go to different slides.  When returning to this slide, the layer shows (as I would like it to) but the character from the base layer also shows.  This is a problem because the character sits partially under a button and is also a repeat of the character on the layer (I moved the same character down on the layer), so I end up with two of the same character showing.

Odd thing is, it's only the character that shows from the base layer - not everything.  Now, the character is triggered to show when a variable is tripped - but even so, if it is on the base layer, and the new layer is set to hide objects on the base, shouldn't it stay hidden even if the trigger is tripped? 

Any suggestions would be appreciated.  I've already tried other triggers to hide that image, and have both the slide and the layer set to resume saved state.  But everytime I come back (revisit) the slide the character from the base layer shows up on my new layer.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Adam,

Is the trigger for you character set to change it from a hidden state? Can you disable the trigger while on the layer - say using a variable such as when the layer is open - change the value of a variable to True - and whatever the user clicks on to hide the layer would also adjust that variable to False? That way you could add a condition to your trigger to only work if the variable is equal to false. 

Adam Hunt

Yes, the  trigger does change the character from a hidden state...however, the same triggered variable brings out the character on both the base and the layer.

Let me explain a little more...at the beginning of the lesson the user is asked to select one of 4 characters to use (representing them) through the lesson.  Clicking the character and the continue button causes the variable linked to that character to be set to true.  Then anytime I want their character to show it's placed on the slide, set to hidden, then set to show if the variable for that character is set to true when the timeline for the slide (or layer) starts.

When initially coming to the slide where I'm having the issue, everything works fine.  The base shows, then the layer is displayed when clicking a button.  When the layer shows everything on the base is hidden.  On the layer, users have 3 different links to select from (they're selecting a phone dialog).  Each links out to a different slide.  The problem arises when the user selects the wrong dialog and are sent back to select a different dialog from that slide (they actually return to the layer, not the base).  When the user goes back to the slide, then the character (and it's only the character they've selected as their avatar) from the base displays even though the user is on the layer (which is set to hide objects from the base).

I've tried disabling the trigger - for example setting the character on the base to be hidden when the user clicks the button to show the layer or set the character to be hidden when the timeline on the layer starts...but nothing I've tried trigger wise has worked.  It seems like something related to the variable trigger is overriding the hide base layer objects command...

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Adam,

I think this is one I would understand better if I could see it - are you able to share the .story file here with us? Feel free to strip out any proprietary content - it's really triggers and variables I need to look at.

If you'd prefer to send to me privately I can send you directions on how to do so. 

Adam Hunt


Thanks so much for responding so quickly...your comment on setting up a trigger got me thinking again...and I figured out how to make it work.  I had to set up a trigger that hid the character when the variable was true and the character (on the layer) was normal.

Always appreciate knowing I can jump on the forum here and get a response.  Thanks again!

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