Characters disappear advancing to next layer

Aug 17, 2021


I have a SL with the base layer and 5 other layers. There are two characters talking on all layers (same characters).

When playing, and the SL moves to another layer, my characters disappear for a second (nothing shows in the spot where the character should be) then fade in (I have fade in and out set for the characters).

Anyone experience this? Is there a way to ensure the characters transition smoothly when moving onto another layer? The issue is the second or so between layers when no character is showing.




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Worked for a slide or two, but not consistent (sometimes appears as if fading in/out, even though there is no fade set), sometimes disappears for a sec then reappears (would timeline length affect this? All characters are set to show until end of slide).

Also, changing states sometimes causes the characters to flash (briefly disappear). I know this was an issue yrs ago, I assume it still is? We should just accept that SL is buggy and these behaviours will crop up?

Judy Nollet

If there are no entrance nor exit animations on the characters, the characters are set to show throughout the timeline, and there is no transition between layers, then the characters shouldn't fade or disappear when moving through the layers. 

If that's still happening on some slides, you might want to submit the case to the Articulate staff to see if they can figure it out. You could do that here:

(And, yes, SL is a bit buggy.)