figures are flickering on the stage every few seconds

Aug 30, 2021


I created a tutorial with characters that speak and blink in two separate layers, moving the characters' mouths is for speech representation only and there are not many pictures in the layer, so with the blinking - it is two pictures per character in the layer
The figures are in exactly the same position and size, and at equal intervals on the timeline
Still - in some slides the characters "flash" for a second, this is something you only notice if you focus on the real character but still it does not look good ..

There are slides where this does not happen,  and it is impossible to understand exactly why
If I duplicate a layer Where it does not happen to a place where the character blink was before, this will also happen on the copied layer

what could be the problem?

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Ren Gomez


Thanks for reaching out! Hopefully other community members can share insights on how they've animated their characters.

In the meantime, take a look at the discussion below, as it sounds like others have run into a similar situation when using states instead of layers to animate characters.