Check Boxes and Conditional Variables

Aug 30, 2015

Hello to this E-learning community members !

Kudos to E-learning Heroes !!


Time and again this community has helped me immensely in the past, whenever I'm in soup. This time around I'm stuck in check box based quizzing.

Here in this question my client needs following combination of check boxes and scoring accordingly.



Don Director only scores 20
Don Director and Frank Foreman only scores 15
Don Director, Frank Foreman and Bart Buyer scores 10

Don Director, Frank Foreman and Alec Accountant scores 6 
All Influencers scores 6
Frank Foreman only scores 8
Bart Buyer only scores 10
Any other combination scores 0

Please refer to  attached relative storyline file.

Kindly acknowledge my query.


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Jayant G

Hi Michael !

I'm grateful to you for reaching out and sharing the required results so promptly.

Now, a small piece of advise from you on below question will do the job for me.

How to address "Any other combination scores zero" ? There could be a hundred or more number of combinations possible and that means more than hundred triggers. Right ?

Please guide. Thanks.

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