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Nov 21, 2013

I'm new to Storyline. I've created a course from scratch, small, simple, 5 scenes, under 30 slides total. I have some graphics but not a ton. 4 instances of scrolling panes and a handful of hotspots.

Oddly, when I compare my course to another course created by a colleague mine is substantially bigger and includes NO audio. My colleagues's course has audio throughout and more content. So here's my question, is there a short list of things to try when file sizes seem oddly big? I found the option to deleted unused recordings. Did that. Helped but not enough.

I am trying to gauge if this course will even work before I spend the money on audio recordings.

Does organizing the course in multiple scenes increase the file size?

Does repeating graphics imapct size? (I'm starting to learn that I could do a master slide)

Any ideas appreciated.

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Dennis Hall

Hi J:

You most likely have edited the story a great deal, adding and removing many objects, etc.

This is usually the cause of you file size growing out of control.

The fix is to copy and paste all your slides into a new story (you can do this by opening a second instance of the Storyline program and opening a new project. After that, just copy and paste all the slides.

Next, save this new story as a new version of the story file (in case you forget to copy something).

This is not your issue, Storyline does not always clean up is unused or deleted files very well.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

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