Chinese Traditional Font different in Review

Aug 18, 2023

I have a course that is being translated into Chinese Traditional and Vietnamese. When I work with the Chinese characters they look fine but when I do Preview, some of the characters look BOLD but they are not. In this case, two bullet points are bold and one is not. How can I correct this?

I am using the Segoe UI font. See attached examples.

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Jürgen Schoenemeyer

i don't think the chinese characters in your sceenshot are from the Segoe UI font - it's probably a substitute font

try to use a font with real chinese characters, e.g. Noto Sans Traditional Chinese *

otherwise it can happen that your course looks different when it is published from another computer - because there another substitute font is used

* very important: install "static" - "variable font" is not supported by storyline web player

Jeffrey Riley

Jurgen, thank you for the reply. Right now these images are only from my computer. I tried to format the lines the same but I may have done that incorrectly. I will get the font you suggest and see if that makes a difference. I may have this same issue with Vietnamese. 

I can let you know after I work on this.

Jeffrey Riley

I downloaded the Noto Sans TC Medium. I worked at replacing the existing fonts of Georiga, Open Sans Light and others. Now when I preview, Storyline crashes. 

I also found that using the replace fonts command does not work on all of the slides. I hate to think I have to do this slide by slide. My client used all kinds of fonts in their PPT version.

Is there another font Storyline likes?

Jeffrey Riley

Jürgen, I did find the jhengHei and did not realize it is in the list of Microsoft fonts. I found it looking in my fonts folder. This font works well and looks great. Now I will convert all of the fonts the client used to this one. 

Thanks again for the help and getting me to look in the right place.