Chrome issues with Storyline 2

Hi everyone.  I'm stuck in a very old version of Storyline using v2 with update 12.  There are no other updates available to me.

I published the file to include HTML5 output and I'm testing the HTML5 file in browsers. IE and Firefox work just fine but Chrome won't run the file.  The start slide appears but audio wont play and the next button doesn't work.  Again everything works in IE and Firefox.  Chrome version is Chrome 76 (64bit) .  I am viewing locally. 

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Brian Allen

David, a couple of things with Chrome... 1) you'll probably need to test from a web server, and 2) if the HTML5 plays back a little funky you may need to enable Flash to play.

If you don't have access to a web server for testing, you might try Articulate's tempshare...