Circular timeline interaction

Oct 02, 2012

I was intrigued by one of David Anderson's Elearning Examples of a slightly off-balance circular timeline, so I recreated it in Storyline, using states and triggers. Thanks for the inspiration, DA!

It's an attention-grabbing way of turning 30 bullet points into an interactive graphic.

Here's my published version. And here's the source file.

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Sarah Pouezevara

This is great, thanks. I was looking to see if anyone had ever created instructional timelines within Articulate or if there was a built-in tool, but it was so hard to find any information since searching for "timeline" returns mostly issues with the content builder timeline.

Any other examples out there of instructional timelines in Storyline, or has anyone ever used a third party timeline creation tool (like tikitoki, timelineJS, timerime) and embedded it within Storyline?



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