Classic vs Modern Player in Storyline 360 v3.28.18944.0

I noticed when using the classic player, the seekbar is not accurate.
Even though the slide length and video length are the same, when viewed with the classic player, the seekbar is way off. Showing approx 60% when they video is almost complete.

However, when viewed with the modern player, the seekbar is 100% accuarate.

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John Wylie

I am finding that the seekbar is not accurate  when previewing the whole project if I have the preview window maximized ( I am using dual 32" displays).

If I set the preview window to only fill 75% of my screen , the seekbar is accurate. The seekbar is not accurate when published to 360 review either.

Only happens with Classic player, and not if I switch to Modern player.

Seekbar is set to " Allow user to drag the seekbar " in the Player Controls. Each slide has only one layer , base layer which has a video on it. 

I just now discovered that using the 4:3 project size , the seekbar is not accurate , but when using 16:9 , the seekbar is accurate. 

What is weird is sometimes it is accurate on review 360, sometimes it isn't.