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Hi all

I have 2 newspapers, 1 is Article and 2 is Incidents, when I click on Article it shows the layer with info for it and the instruction at the bottom changes to show the next action that has to be taken, and when I click on the close button my normal instruction message is displayed again, same goes for the Incidents newspaper, after which the next button is enabled and the instruction changes to show that I can continue to the next page. Now my problem starts when I click on Incidents newspaper 1st instead on the Article newspaper. My triggers don't work if I state that these actions should happen when my timeline starts. I have attached my .story file for you to see what I mean.

Any help will be appreciated...

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Adrian Dean

Howdy Maumo,

Taking a look at your file, you need to add another trigger to change the state of Instruction when the variable News2 changes, much like you have for News1.

Now to get the continue to work, you'll need to create a new variable for that state. That variable will change when both News1 and News2 change via trigger. Another trigger in turn will now change the state of Instruction to Continue when the new variable that was created changes.

Hopefully, that makes sense.

Always Happy to Help,