Clicking on any part of Seekbar Advances during Try It mode.


I've created a StoryLine presentation where a handful of slides are in a try it mode and I've encountered two challenges:

  1. On the slides that have the try it mode, if you click on any part of the seek bar, it advances to the next slide.
  2. Also on those same slides, when you click on the hot spot, it does not advance.

I've attached an example of the triggers that I have for those slides.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide!


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Pat,

Thanks for sharing the additional thread. As Bruce mentioned, it's a bit difficult to diagnose without seeing the actual file or the published output. If you'd like to share those with me here, great. You can also submit a Support case if you'd prefer not to upload your files into the forum. If you submit a case, just let me know the case number so I can follow along! 

Michael Raye

Hey there - just spent a bunch of time on priority chat support before finally getting pointed to this thread.  Why was the player designed this way?  Normally, a seekbar moves you to various points through the slide - in try mode, I already have hot spots the user clicks on to navigate to the next slide.

This is super-not-optimum - I'm going to have to go into several projects and remove the seekbar.  Which is doable - just would make more sense to have the seekbar behave normally.

John Blum

We just got Storyline in a company that has been a Captivate shop.  Often we have try mode slides that have explanatory text and graphics.   Very easy to do in Captivate (gee, something easy to do in Captivate?) 

We are wanting to do this and animations with Storyline in our try mode simulations.

A workaround for Storyline would be to put the explanatory text, graphics, and animations on a slide right before the try mode slide with the hot spot.  The seekbar will be necessary on those slides.

However, this will be confusing to the users to have the seekbar work normally on some slides, and act like the Next button on others.

Any suggestions?

This is a serious shortcoming. 

New feature request:  Since the folks at Articulate must have had good reason to make the seekbar behave that way on try mode slides, would it be possible to create a new feature option to have to the seekbar behave as the Next button or as a seekbar?

And make this option both a slide property and a player property?  This way you could choose a seekbar setting for all of the slides in the entire project on the player (similar to how it's done now), and for only those slides that need the other setting, you could select that setting in slide properties, and it would override the seekbar setting made on the player.

Christie Pollick

Hi, John -- Thanks for reaching out here and while I do not have any workarounds to share, hopefully some of your fellow community members will have some ideas to suggest. And with respects to sharing your ideas on new features, here is the form you would need to connect with our Product Development Team.