Client wants the learning to resume on restart even after the learner has completed the training and the 'complete course' trigger has been activated. Is this possible?

Aug 25, 2022

The learning in question is a simple (ish) linear course with no graded quizzes. The learner reaches the last slide and the course is registered as complete/passed. It's got about 30 slides across 7 chapters/scenes.

There's also custom navigation menu that lets you recap chapters you've already done.

Currently, in the player settings, 'on restart' is set to 'prompt to resume'. This works as intended on every slide except the last one. Our client would like for the learner to have the option of going back into the training AFTER it's been registered as complete and re-doing any chapter they like. However, when they test this, it starts from the beginning, with all chapters except the first being locked.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how we might achieve this?

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Jose Tansengco

Hi Andrew, 

Thanks for reaching out! 

Have you considered integrating a 'Restart Course' trigger somewhere on your course to give your learners the option to restart once they've reached the end? 

You can add something like this at the end of your course:

  • A congratulatory text that they've reached the end of your course.
  • A button that restarts the course when clicked.
  • You can also add conditions to your triggers if you'd like to restart your course only when a specific criteria has been met. 

Hope this helps!