Clipped Narration on Quiz Review layer

Hey all, I'm having a problem with my Quiz Review layer.  When the learner clicks on Review Quiz, it will show them the review layer with no problems, but it's very inconsistent with the original narration.  On the slide's base layer, a narrator reads the question.  I'd like to disable that narration, if possible, from the Review layer.  If not possible, I'd like to fix the current problem where the first few seconds of the narration is clipped, and some Review slides play the narration and some don't.  Any suggestions??

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Wade,

By default, question slides will resume where they left off when they're revisited. Therefore, if you submit an answer before the slide has completed, audio or video on the slide will resume playing when you review it.

If you want to prevent audio or video from playing during quiz review, use a variable and a trigger to "Pause media". Here’s how.