Close button on the video does not work appear on the LMS system ( Learnupon)

Aug 25, 2016


I have updated the e-course on our LMS system ( Learnupon). I created an exit button and added it on all the videos in the course. This exit button appears in the preview in storyline and it works fine. However, once uploaded the course on the LMS system, the exit button does not appear anymore and there is no way to interrupt the video and go back to the previous slide. Any help would be great!

Thanks a lot, Erasmo 

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George Evangelinos

Hi Dave,

thanks for your reply.

The videos are uploaded on youtube and embedded in the course. I added exit/close buttons on the videos in storyline to enable the user to leave the videos and carry on the course. These exit/close  buttons work and appear in the preview in storyline but they do not appear once the course is in the LMS system. 

Thanks, Erasmo

George Evangelinos

Hi Leslie,

please see the file attached. if you click either on the tablet image or on the laptop image there is a video. On the top right of these videos there is a close button which enables users to go to the previous slide. This button appears on the preview in storyline but it does not once the course is exported in the LMS system.

Thanks, Erasmo

Dave Cox

Hi George,

The Close button on your slide is in front of the youtube video player element. When the youtube player starts to play, it asserts focus, which places your button behind the player. This makes it unaccessible, and hides the button. Make some room outside of the player to place your button, and you should be able to access it.

I also noticed that the trigger that you are using is set to jump to your current slide. If you want to stay on the current slide, it would be better to use "Hide Current Layer".



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