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Apr 30, 2018


I am facing an issue with CC. We have a CC layer, that had a text box, inside which the CC variable was referenced. This caused lot of font size issues. The client kept saying that the fonts are not uniform. The CC content in some cases was less, some more and some much more.

Hence we came up with data entry box for the cc layer and referenced the CC variable to it. We also placed a hotspot over this data entry box to prevent selection of this layer...However, we noticed that if there is a lot of cc text, the hotspot can't be extended till the end of the cc text, thereby allowing us to write in the cc layer....

Pls suggest a way to prevent the cursor from blinking and allowing user entry in this cc layer.

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Sajna Thomas

Hi Matthew,

Thank you for replying.... I have attached a sample adjusted proj file....there are 2 scenes in it...One titled Data Entry and the other Text box.

In the data entry scene, you will notice that you can type in the cc layer.... In the Text Box scene , you will notice the variation in the font size based on the cc content...

Pls help in how to overcome the issue ie, have a uniform font size throughout CC layer and not allow typing in CC layer 

Thanks in Advance


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Hassy,

Thanks for sharing your file. I had a look in Storyline 360, and I wanted to share a few details of what I found. 

First, I was not able to type in the CC area on any slide. Which slides allow you to type in the CC area? Was it in the Data Entry scene?

On the Text Box slide master, you'll want to increase the size of the text box to fit the longest caption. Otherwise, the text will scale down to fit inside the text box. 

The longest caption appears to be on slide 2.2, and I found that the text box needs to be around 1300px in height to accommodate that text. 

Check out this video to see a quick demonstration of the changes I made. I hope that's helpful for you!

Sajna Thomas

Thank you Alyssa.

Hmm...In the Data Entry scene, go to the CC layer and click at the edge that is near the scroll panel, it will allow you to type. This is because the hot spot provided in the CC layer does not cover the scroll panel so that the user can move the scroll up and down.

I looked at the Text Box scene - ok will try this.

Thank you once again Alyssa.

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