Closed Caption of video not accessible by TAB order

I'm creating a video slide using Articulate Storyline 360 and using the feature to add Closed Caption. As per the instructions, I have also added .SRT file to enable CC text.
Issue: While testing the course in IE11 and JAWS reader v18(trial version), the TAB order doesn't highlight the CC text. As this is not highlighted in TAB order, the JAWS reader also fails to read.

Can someone please help or provide a solution so that CC text works perfectly and can be accessible as per the Accessibility guidelines?

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Jolon Wickern

I am having the same problem. The closed captioning does need to be accessible because not everyone has external speakers on their computer, which makes it hard to hear the narration. We tried putting the "note" in the player, and that didn't work because the screen reader was putting question marks and other symbols in all of the spaces.