Closed caption text from the Notes pane very small on an iPad

We are exploring a couple of different ways of providing closed captioning for a course.

Using the default method of placing the text in the Notes panel is one option we're exploring. It looks good on a desktop, the text was set to 14pt, and is easy to read, but on an iPad, the text is teeny tiny. How do I convince the iPad to not shrink the text down to an impossibly small size?

Thanks for any pointers!



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Karen -- Thanks so much for your question! For some great resources and ideas on working with closed captioning, you may want to review the following:

And if you'd like us to take a look at the behavior you are seeing, you are welcome to share your file here so we can do some testing. Or, if privacy is a concern, please use this form to submit your file for confidential review.