Closed Captioning Button in Player/Skin - Idea I had, but doesn't seem to be supported even though option exists?

RE:  Closed Captioning Button in Player/Skin - Idea I had, but doesn't seem to be supported even though option exists?

There are several Articulate methods for CC, however I'm not "in love" with any of them.  I recently came up with an idea that appeared would work.  Articulate permitted me to create a CC On and a CC Off btn/link in the player/skin.  And it even permitted me to create triggers that I wanted, however in preview and when published, they will not work.  Is this possible?  Can it be made possible?

skin/player btn for CC



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I don't understand what you mean RE: the javascript option using slide masters.  Can you clarify.

As far as the variable method on each slide.  That is the sort of thing I'm trying to avoid.  I'm trying to come up with a CC solution that is easy for a beginner to use.  I understand variables, however I'm trying to find a way that will be easy for newbies.

Phil Mayor

you can use javascript on a tab to change a variable, which could be used to show/hide a layer/shape off the slide master.

But for the cc you would need to adjust the text on the slide master by using a variable.

You could, I suppose you it to show/hide a shape on each slide but would need a trigger on each slide to show the space and to hide the shape, this would need variables.

I had never seen the change state of trigger in the player in storyline 1 and I think this is a function that wasn't meant to make the final cut as it looks like it should work but doesn't.


I like the execute javascript on the added tab idea.  Would there be a way to perhaps have the javascript call for the command to display or not display a cctext box?  (without using layers)  I'm a rookie coder.  I have a decent understanding of html, but when it comes to js, i understand the logic, just not good enough to sit down and write code from scratch.  Would you be able to provide me some js or a resource for the js i'm looking to do?

Thanks, Tim

Steve Flowers

Hey Tim - 

I've done this before. JavaScript is really the only way to reliably trigger custom stuff on an individual slide. I almost always use an incremented number so I don't have to manage a heap of logic in my JS trigger. You could do this by handling the logic in JavaScript (toggling true/false) but abstracting it to an incremented value allows you to control by a single signal. So you can simply increment that value from anywhere and the central logic will pick it up.




Thanks!  Though I'm a bit confused with the multiple files you attached.  It was my hope to put the Javascript here (see image below) to turn ccText box on.......and also do the same concept to turn ccText off.  It would be awesome if I could just insert the js in this fashion.  Would make duplicating this process much easier.  Possible?


Steve Flowers

Tim -

I'm not seeing multiple files attached.

Look in the player at the custom menu item. The JS is there to drive the triggers on the master slide. There are 2 variables for a reason:

1) The JS in the player "tab" increments a number. 

2) The number change is picked up in the master slide.

3) When the number changes, it toggles a true/false variable

4) When the true/false variable changes, it changes the state of the shape

Can you do everything in a JS trigger? You could toggle the true / false variable. The attached example illustrates my preferred method. The increment can be triggered from anywhere. This is a method I also use for any feature I want to control across the boundary of the master slide / base slide (or the player in this case).


Steve Flowers

Here's a minor adjustment that gets more specifically to what you're aiming for. This targets a caption box on the master slide. I'll use either trigger shapes or cuepoints to feed captions via variables to provide centralized control over visibility and control over styles.


Steve Flowers

I see you have 2 controls (one for on, one for off). I assumed you might want to toggle on / off from a single control. In my example above, you could use this JS to trip the on / off without using the increment variable:

For OFF:

var player=GetPlayer();


For ON:

var player=GetPlayer();


You'd still need some logic on your slide to listen for the variable change since you can't directly influence anything but variables through JavaScript.


i believe my issue with accessing your sample files is your files appear to be Storyline 2.

I have V1.  Any chance you could reshare as V1.

And yes, I would also be ok with a CC On/Off toggle in the player skin.

Thanks to both of you for help.  Love Articulate's forum - lots of people willing to help and share.


Steve Flowers

Seeing your CC text inside a hover. Interesting idea. Seems like a pain to setup, drilling into the shape to set the text. 

Closed captions, by nature, synchronize with the presentation and can be turned on or off. Here's a Storyline 1 version of this using trigger shapes on the main slide and a captions holder on the master.



I like this.  Unfortunate the skin javascript doesn't work in preview though.  But the toggle button does:)  Skin works great when published though.

For my purpose I don't really need 3 cctext boxes to sync with timeline.

I would love to have something real close to what you sent, however would like a text box to type my cctext in (be able to see it without going into the trigger).  Or better yet if it would be possible for the javascript to display whatever text is entered in the "Notes" that would be perfect.

I currently type all my ccText in Articulates Notes tab.  If the Javascript could display the text in the Notes, that would be splendid!