cmi.interactions API calls vs suspend_data call in LMS reporting

Aug 03, 2022

12 months ago we were using the SCORM reports from our LMS (SuccessFactors) to review answers from articulate modules.  Since then, we have updated the modules (text only, not how it triggers/records etc) and the reports are no longer working.  We have spoken to SAP (owners of SuccessFactors) who have provided the following information:

I have replicated the issue and I can see that when the free text answer is being posted to the LMS it is being posted with the cmi.suspend_data API

I have attached a screenshot of the API call from the logs for reference.

So this information is being stored in the suspend_data column in the LMS database.

The SCORM exam detail report only records answers that are posted to the cmi.interactions API calls

As this content is using the suspend_data call, this data will not be retrieved in the SCORM exam detail report.

In order to use the SCORM exam detail report, the question answers must use the cmi.interactions API

This would need to be referred to the content vendor to update the content to post the question answers using cmi.interactions API.

You can find the supported APIs in the  documentation here.

These files are automatically generated as part of the publish process.  Has there been a changed by articulate which is now causing the issue?

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Jose Tansengco

Hi Michelle, 

Thanks for reaching out!

I took a quick look at our recent release notes and found nothing that could indicate a change with how Storyline 360 is publishing courses for LMS distribution. Since this is the case, I opened a support case on your behalf so we can get you in touch with our support team. Someone will be reaching out to you shortly to help address your inquiry! 

Michelle Corby

Hi Kyle

This was a specific issue with reporting after the data is in our LMS (SuccessFactors).  You may need to contact your LMS provider to make sure learner data is available from your LMS, our provider told us it wasn't possible and after some more research found they just needed to "turn it on".

I found this article, Storyline Sends This Quiz Data to an LMS, useful when we first started looking at learner data.