Code displaying on results slide instead of text

Hi Team,

Just wondering if anyone can help we seem to be having an issue on our results slides in Storyline 2. The issue is that when a user completes a course with quiz and results slide the code/formula on the slide is not displaying as text with a score to the user. It still shows as the code/formula when testing and publishing.

I've included a screen shot below.

Any assistance would be amazing thanks!


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Caitlin!

Variables can be tricky -- I'm happy to help clarify for you!

First, open the variables window by clicking the variables icon in the Triggers panel.

There, you should see quiz score variables, such as Results.ScorePoints, Results.ScorePercent, and so on.

Can you share a screenshot of what you see when you open the variables window?

Helen Tyson

Hi Caitlin,

If you look at the names of the variables showing in your variables panel you'll see the names have '1's in them, whereas the variables you are referencing on your results slide don't.

If you add the '1's onto the results slide hopefully you'll see the numbers pull through successfully.

It looks like you've added a second results slide to the project at some point and the variables have got mixed up.

For info, the numbers get added into the results variable names if you add more than one Results Slide: the first Result Slide defaults to variables names "Results.Score" etc and the second slide will default to "Results1.Score" etc.