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May 09, 2013

I am trying to create color themes and design themes for my product branding. I am following the sample provided in the template but the colors are not applied based upon the sample.

In the sample below, it appears that the backgrounds are both light colors and the text is dark, however, when I apply the theme, the slide background picks up the dark color. How are the Text/Background colors applied in the theme. I'm confused.



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Heather Ross

Hi Ashley - I used that tutorial when I created the color scheme. What is happening now is that when I apply the color scheme to my project ( which uses an impprted PPT ) all of the text becomes a lighter color - in boxes shapes, titles - everything. The color we desingated for the text is 64 for red, green, and blue but when I apply the color scheme the color ends up being 112 for red, green, and blue which is much lighter. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Heather,

Without seeing the all the color set ups and how it's behaving it's hard to say for certain what's occurring, but if you've imported text from Powerpoint into Storyline and it's not displaying properly you may need to adjust the text again while in Storyline as mentioned here it's not a one to one conversion.  

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