Color Themes -- Light on Dark, Light on Light?

How does Storyline determine what is a light color and what is a dark color? My problem is this: I need my text to be #323131 (dark gray) and button fill #f3cc23 (light yellow) but when I create a custom theme, it interprets the yellow as a dark color and changes all my text to white. (I've reviewed the several helpful  visuals of how theme colors are applied and I have already figured out a workaround, I just want to know how the software determines value.)

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Tracy!

It sounds like you add the yellow button fill color to one of the "accent" colors, is that right?

Text will always appear white (Light 1) in a button, no matter what color you select for the accent. 

You can manually change the font color of the button from the Home tab. Then, right-click the button and select Set as default button. This will ensure your buttons automatically have the gray font color each time you insert a new one.