Combination Result's Slides and LMS

Oct 12, 2015


I found out that if I added a quiz with a result's slide, then added a survey with a result's slide, plus a final result's slide where you check both the quiz and survey result's slides, then it would track and provide both results to the LMS.

My question is, when I want to publish the story for uploading to my client's LMS, should I select the "tracking using quiz result" and select the combination result's slide? When I select "tracking using quiz result," I have three options, 1. the quiz results slide, 2, the survey results slide, or 3. the combination results slide. It seems logical that I would select the combination slide but the word quiz in "tacking using quiz results" statement has thrown me. Also, when linking a certificate to the passing of a quiz, will the combo result's slide be an issue?

Thank you!






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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ann,

It sounds like you'll want to track the combined results slide if you need to pass information from both of the other results slides. Storyline only supports tracking one results slide, so you'll want to test this in your LMS to confirm that all the information is reported and passed along. You may also want to review the information here about troubleshooting LMS issues. 

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