Combine registration and time spent on slide data to google excel

Hi there,

I'm doing a course that require the user to register and at the same time to track the time spend on the slides. After finishing the course, the user name, email, country and time spend on the slide will be updated on the google excel. 

I'm able to get the username, email and country data on google excel but I can't seem to get the time spent data on google excel. I have tried to combine the JavaScript but failed. 

Attached are the result and articulate file. 

Please help. 



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Matthew Bibby
irven Lim

Btw, I presume the data cloud is for 1 user. If I want to expand or extend this data cloud (keeping everything the same ) to hundreds of my staffs to use. Can it be done?

Also must every of my staffs be on articulate to use it?

Nicholas's solution will work for multiple users. GIve it a try.

And no, it has nothing to do with Articulate (other than the fact that it works with Storyline).