Combined results slides not sending report data to LMS

Jan 15, 2021

We sometimes use modules in which we have both a scored quiz and a survey. Prior to the recent update where completion and tracking options were changed, we could run reports in our LMS which would show responses to individual questions. We would set these up using a third results slide which would send combined results of the quiz results and the survey results slides. We have been doing it that way for years with no issues. The most recent module I published does not show any tracking data other than the score. I am publishing as SCORM 2004 3rd edition to our SumTotal LMS.

So after spending the better part of the day trying to figure out why this is no longer tracking data from combined results slides, I decided to try setting up the third results slide to track the questions from the quiz and the survey rather than the results slides. That seemed to do the trick and I was able to view a report with question data.

My question is why the old way of combining results slides no longer works to submit data? When I publish selecting the final results slide, the Submit trigger is grayed out for the other two results slides. I can only surmise that since they are grayed out, the data from those results slides is not being submitted to the LMS and that is why the LMS report does not show question responses. Is there another workaround or something I missed? Having to select every survey and quiz question concerns me as there is the risk of accidentally not selecting all of the questions. Much easier to select by response slide.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Scott!

This sounds like a snag that our Support Engineers can help with! I've opened a case on your behalf, sharing the details you've shared here in this discussion. You should've received a confirmation email that a case has been opened for you. In the same email, you'll find a private upload link in case you want to share any .story files or screen recordings that will help us better understand what you're running into.

You'll hear from our team shortly!

Scott VanDeKeere

So they say it is a bug in the program.  I did find a workaround, not ideal but it works.  I set up all the earlier results slides as knowledge checks.  That way it will progress to the end as each quiz is passed.  On the final results slide, I include all the questions (both scored questions and survey questions) and set the result to only score viewed questions.   It works to send data to the LMS but does not send a final score -- I'm okay with that. 

But I am experiencing another issue now.  It happens randomly and I have verified with others on my team that it also happens to them.  When I select the questions for all the results and then go back into the results slides, I am finding that some of the questions get "magically" deselected.  I suspect it has to do with making the question selections for the final results slide.  But I don't understand why it deselects questions on results slides that I have already set up.  It's really annoying, especially when I publish to the LMS and find out my results slides don't work.  Then I spend a bunch of time checking, double-checking, rechecking, and triple-checking the results slides again before I republish because I'm paranoid it's going to get messed up again.  I don't have this kind of time to spend double-checking what appears to be another bug in 360.  This never happened until your update last fall which allowed for multiple results slides to be tracked.  Can you please fix this because every day I am hating 360 a little more; and I used to love Articulate.