Come back where you left the course

My problem is that the course I have built in Storyline 3 is not saving the state of ending. So my students dont start where they ended last time.

I am saving my module as a scorm and using moodle as LMS. To attempt my story, I would like to do in a save enverinmont only staff see. But I forgot how that works.

Every time my students come back, they start the course at the same point, chapter 4.16 instead of chapter 5 of maybe 10. The menu is not set as free because they have to follow the chapters before they get the exam. Anybody know where this problem comes from? Thanks

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Judy Nollet

How big is the course? I'm not an LMS or SCORM expert. But, as I understand it, older SCORM standards (e.g., SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 editions 1 & 2) have a smaller limit on the number of characters allowed in the file that saves the info needed for resuming a course. Once the file reaches that limit, it stops saving additional info -- which can result in the problem you describe: learners who exit a course after a certain point will only be able to resume from an earlier point.

If this is the issue, there are two ways to deal with this:

  1. Use a newer publishing standard (e.g. SCORM edition 3 or later) that has a much higher character limit for the resume file. Unfortunately, this only works if the LMS can handle the newer standard. (As I said above, I'm not an LMS expert, so I can't tell you what Moodle can or cannot handle.)
  2. Divide a large course into multiple shorter courses.
Patricia Hazemeijer

Thanks for your support.

My zipp file is 12.677 kB.

I know that my project by publishing into the LMS automatically starts reporting with scorm 1.2.

How can I report and track and choose a higher scorm edition?  In Storyline 3 there is no possibility. It says scorm 1.2 or scorm 2004 as far as I can see. So how can I use a newer publishing standard?

(I use Moodle 3.4.3)

Patricia Hazemeijer

How small should my zipp file be, to be compatible? I am sorry but I am not that smart to understand the term "suspend data limits".

Or can I assume that when I have 14 chapters, and now it stops at chapter 4 to remember where you where, I have to minimize my course into 3 chapters each?


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Patricia,

I apologize for any confusion.

The zip file is not the same as your SCORM Suspend Data Limits. 

Storyline compresses suspend data to avoid exceeding data limits imposed by some learning management systems. As a result, the suspend_data string in an LMS debug log isn't human-readable, so you won't be able to decipher it.

You can test out the other publishing options as Judy shared, assuming it's compatible with your LMS:

Patricia Hazemeijer

Thanks lelsie,

So if I do understand right, it might not necessary to split my storyline into pieces (to reduce the size by less slides)? The version is old that I use for my scorm. Aha, sounds nice.

I didnt understand the way of numbering the editions of the scorm 1.2 till scorm 2004, I work with storyline 3 only for a short period in my life right now.;)

 will try again! Publishing