Complete newbie question regarding exporting data

Hi All.

I am complete beginner when it comes to Storyline but am proficient in Power Point and have used a couple of other e-learning tools before. I have recently downloaded a trial version of the software and before I get my MD to put his hand in his pocket for the full version I need to know it can do what I want it to.

My current project is to convert a series of in-house produced learning workbooks in a digital format that can then be used by learners in much the same way as a printed workbook (most likely on Android tablets). Currently when a learner completes a workbook, it is assessed by their tutor, marked, scanned and uploaded to an e-portfolio system.

If I was to recreate the workbooks in Storyline using some of the awesome features it looks to have could I do the following and how:

  1. I can enter text capture boxes for learner answers to be typed into quite happily, but is there a way to then extract the data a learner has entered so it can be marked and uploaded. I have viewed many of the tutorials and the only thing close I can find is an XML export for translation purposes, which may work but it doesn't capture the question only a document reference which could be cross-referenced but would be messy.
  2. If the above is possible..Will it be possible to run the completed project on a tablet?

I have used Adobe Acrobat to some degree of success which can obviously be saved as a PDF for marking, but I don't like it as much as storyline for interactivity and use of media.

Really appreciate any assistance.

N Hodder 

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Nick Hodder

Sorry all, I fear I may have confused the question with all my waffle.

In very simple terms all I want to do is to create a "document" in storyline that will allow users to free-type an answer. When they have answered all the questions I would like to be able to export or at least save the answers so they can be marked. Ideally I would like the document to run on an android tablet if that makes any difference to the format.

Many thanks,

N Hodder

Nick Hodder

Hi Peter.

Thank you for the reply. Such a massive shame that the software doesn't have this ability built into it as I have been using it for a few days already have produced some really nice looking digital workbooks, which may now be fairly useless. I will definitely file a feature request though.

Unfortunately I don't really think the print is an option, unless I can print to file? The biggest reason for trying to convert the existing printed workbooks to digital format is the environmental and fiscal cost of printing, so it would be self-defeating to then print it back out.

Is there any way to capture responses typed into "Data Entry - Text Entry" fields online or if the learners saved a copy locally would it retain the answers so the tutors could at least mark the saved file?

Really hoping there is a work-around as so far I am very impressed with the software and would love to use it further.