Scores not being recorded in LMS

I've developed a number of workbooks in Storyline for students on a Paramedics degree course here at the University of East Anglia. We are having a problem with our published storyline workbook output that I wanted to ask your advice about. 

There is no pattern as far as I can see, but around half the students are finding that their workbooks are not recording their marks into Blackboard.  So, the student completes it and scores above or below the pass mark, but the score does not register on Blackboard.  If they go back to it, the workbook tells them it is incomplete.

Right now we are faced with asking students to email me their scores which kind of defeats the object and relies on their honesty.   Could this be due to their PC set up, or the fact they are using a tablet or phone?  Or something else altogether?  Any ideas? Anyone?





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Ken Teutsch

I would predict that the students having the problem are probably using the Mobile Player.  There are issues with the mobile player interfacing with the Blackboard grade center.  Articulate's workaround is to publish using the Tin Can API, but even that doesn't work due to issues on Blackboard's end.   That is the basic gist, but you can search around on this site and on the Blackboard help site for details.  (Or maybe someone else on the forum can fill them in...)

If I'm right that it is a player issue, you could try publishing an HTML5 version and having them use the browser on their device rather than the mobile player.

Eoghan O'Maolain

Sorry for the delayed response, but I just got this update from the lecturer involved.

"There are intermittent  issues with all of the workbooks at the moment.  At one time or another, all of them have failed to record a score.  On my marking sheet it shows the student has begun the work, but even when they have completed the workbook, it does not record the score.  From the students' point of view, they complete the work book and it tells them the score as normal, but from my end, I don’t receive the score or that it is completed.

 I have requested that students use the campus PCs and that they complete the workbooks in one go.  This has had no effect and the problem remains.  In the past students have completed them on their own PCs and phones or tablets, but there appears to be no consistency to the problem. 

 I hope this helps - but as there is no consistency, I am not sure that it does."

  I do hate inconsistencies!